Saturday, October 20, 2012

How To Install Gallery Rail Moldings

kitchen cabinets are often the showpiece of a kitchen, and in addition to their necessity and practicality, their appearance often dictate other improvements homeowners might choose to make, such as paint colors, flooring installations, valances, etc. If your cabinets are in good condition and don't need to be replaced, most often subtle changes can be made, such as refacing, putting on new doors, or new knobs and handles. One area of improvement that can be done to dramatically enhance the appearance of your cabinets is to install gallery rail moldings. This is a molding that can be installed on your present cabinets in a few simple steps, with a basic knowledge of carpentry and a little patience. Let's Begin !!

Step 1.  Materials needed : gallery rails, paint or stain and clear acrylic finish ; wood putty in matching stain ; miter box and hack saw, or miter saw with fine tooth blade ; 4D finish nails and nail set, or finish nailer ; drill ;    1/16 drill bit.

Step 2.  Plan placement of the railings so that the spindles will not be positioned at the corners of the cabinet. The railing must be 1/8" from the front edge. The railing can be positioned to either protrude beyond the side edges, or positioned inward.

Step 3.  Measure the length of the cabinet ; add 1/8 " to each corner for this measurement if the railing will protrude beyond the edge, or subtract 1/8" for each corner from this measurement if the railing will be inward.

Step 4.  Determine the number of railings needed for the cabinet length. Use angle cuts between pieces if more than one length is needed. Mark the finished length of railing on the top of the rail ; For a mitered corner, mark the angle, and then cut using a miter box and hacksaw, or a miter saw with a fine tooth blade.

Step 5. Glue and nail the corner miters, pre-drilling nail holes with the 1/16" bit. Apply the stain and acrylic finish, or you can paint the railing.

Step 6. Position the railing on the cabinet. pre-drill holes for nails at a 45 degree angle, spacing them 2 ft. apart. drill through the railing and into the top of the cabinet. Then nail the railing to the cabinet.

Step 7. Set the nails, using a nail set. Fill the holes with a wood putty that matches the stain, or touch up the nail holes with paint.

Gallery Rail
Installing gallery rail moldings is an inexpensive way to dress up your cabinets without breaking the bank. With a little time and patience, you can create those cabinets you've always wanted, and your kitchen can take it's rightful place as the centerpiece of the home !